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7 Things To Do To Improve Your Mood

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Often times I am asked by clients, family members or others about providing therapeutic methods that could aid in ameliorating their mood. Whether it is to feel better about themselves, a situation they have somehow found themselves entangled in or an instant remedy that could help master a melancholy recurrence that has morphed into cyclothymia. Typically, I would choose to weigh-in with questions about precipitating factors that may have led them to this point or if they could reference an event that has caused them to end up in, what I’d like to call, the abyss of antithesis. I coin this phrase because of the pervasive theme that circulates from one client or member to the next. They would typically describe their feelings with “I feel a little off my game” or “I haven’t been feeling like myself lately”, “something’s a little off today” or the least shadow response, “I’m fine. I’m ‘aight. I’m good”.

In cases that I have been involved in, I’ve found that there are many who experience a number of mood changes based on sensorial stimulation. These senses include conscious or subconscious recollections of people, places and things that derive from our primary senses (hear, taste, touch, smell and sight). I’m positive that you’ve been triggered yourself by an aroma, a sound or familiar song, a visual effect or even a word or phrase. These all have the proclivity to lure you into certain frames of mood.

One of the things that also occurs when sleep patterns are interrupted is the feeling of fatigue, disorientation or being slightly malaise. All of us have had moments where our mood would ebb and flow or take a nose dive which ultimately change how we interact with others and engage our day. To help with lifting your mood, here are several things I would encourage you to try:

Wake up and make your bed.

Dress to impress, look good to feel good!

Create a playlist to color your thoughts with positive tunes

Get some sun. Visit the outdoors and Nature bathe

Count your wins and acknowledge your feats.

Try comedy (television or socialize in laughter).

Vent. Talk it out and look for the positive side of the coin.

These suggestions are not to fill every void and hole you may have, just as prescriptions given by physicians may not remedy or chase away all symptoms. However, it will and can help you punch your way through that unwelcoming mood. So, take a few days, work the plan and let’s see how your mood improves as you have every liberty to apply these natural mood changers to your liking.

Take charge. Be intentional. Be consistent. You've got this!

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