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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

If you’re reading this, it’s too late (according to Drake, right?). Well, I would have to strongly disagree based on this topic. It is never too late to manage, regulate and combat the daily stressors in your life. I feel it’s safe for me to say that I think we all have encountered the behemoth monster that has imposed its will in our lives. For one, remembering to grab your mask before leaving home, making sure that that cough is just as innocent and misleading as you’d hope, from seeking that work-life balance to meeting demands, family needs, expectations and other relatable activities without overextending yourself.

Can I tell you something? You can do this! I have found that many of my clients were subject to the appearance of insoluble stress only to have fallen away from structure, intentional planning and prescribing time to activity. Here is the upswing. You can change the trajectory of your life when being challenged by stress if you activate these five suggested tips into your lifestyle. Write these down, screenshot it or save it if you feel you need to.

Here we go…

Prepare tomorrow, today is more than a snazzy way of saying, “get it together”. It is an actual practice of amalgamating the all of you with committed effort to predetermine your tomorrow. Instead of singling out clothing items, paperwork or a planned meeting, you are actually formulating an integrative arrangement between the you of today and the you for tomorrow. This includes physical establishment with what the next day will require of your carnal agents (being prepared physically for the next day's hustle). The same goes for emotional and psychological rehearsals. I encourage you to meditate, envision your day as you imaginatively live through it in your mind. Listening to music to incite you or read a book that inspires or calms you to center yourself for the day that is to come. Now (seriously, go...right after this read), prepare the documents, presentations and set yourself up for the inundated tasks, so once you have awakened, you're ready for the day's journey.

Itemize your priorities by listing your daily demands from most important to least important, or least challenging. Create a running list that is based on your choosing as opposed to being handled by whatever is handed to you or what has inexplicably landed in your lap, on your desk - well, you know where I'm going with this. Based on items of your volition, I would recommend identifying your list based on three categories: importance, urgency and emergency. Just as you would do so if you were in grade school. Commit yourself to the most difficult subject while you are at your peak in energy, focus and alertness. From that point, move along your list in eliminating your items and what was not completed, rollover those tasks to the next day and reset your list accordingly.

Assign tasks to specific times by giving your tasks a scheduled appointment. This ensures that you are the office manager of your life, time keeper in the game and conductor of how you move throughout your day. Tackle that assignment at its scheduled time and mark your to-do list as…DONE!!

Scale your options. Be decisive in scaling by adopting a business model mentality. Solicit for help, delegate duties to others in an effort to grow, free up time, and by placing the right people in the right places to expert the task which ultimately allows you a chance to relinquish stress. Be sure to finalize your efforts without vacillating, otherwise you reintroduce yourself to stress. So, be decisive!

Be flexible. Slow down. Breathe to oxygenate your brain and muscles. Give yourself enough room to make mistakes, to double back, if needed, and to even forgive yourself. Flexibility is a key characteristic that compliments your personality and shows others that you have enough foresight to consider unplanned circumstances. Slowing down in this modern time is akin to being on cruise control on an expressway. You drive at your pace, move in your lane and maintain awareness to avoid missing key exits, entrances or opportunities. Lastly, breathe. Don’t’ take yourself too serious. Be in the moment and enjoy your journey. These are all necessary to manage your day, reduce stress and maximize the best features of a life in a day.

In conclusion, try these 5 Ways to Combat Daily Stressors to see how it enhances your life. Of course, you’ll supplement each point based on your life’s needs and I’m fine with that. Just try it. I guarantee, it’ll help structure your life, improve your focus most centrally, reduce the stress that each day has set aside for you. Until next time. Stay safe. Stay lifted!

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